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This year’s PEF Committee Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary, on March 8-10, gathering some 110 delegates from 29 countries, including Russia and Armenia.

PEF Chairman Ingolf Ellssel welcomed all the participants and gave the keynote message on the Conference theme, INFLUENCE. He shared different Biblical examples showing how God prepares men and women to exert a godly influence in a relevant way. Other speakers dealt with various aspects related to the same theme: Influence through Missions (Riku Turunen, Austria), Influence through political presence and action (MEP Sari Essayah, Finland), Influence through Social action (Wolfgang Grefe, Germany; Albert Pataky, Hungary), Influence through Media (David Wessler, Germany).
Every presentation was followed by a round table that enable participants to interact on each issue.
The Conference welcomed Paul Chandler, representing the newly formed Luxembourg Pentecostal Fellowship, which will host the next PEC/Impact in July 16-22.
Also, each of the 6 regions of PEF had a chance to meet and dialogue on matters pertaining to the vision and ministry of the PEF.

The Annual Committee’s Business Meeting allowed the 51 voting delegates to hear and approve the 2011 reports from PEF Chairman, Treasurer and PEF’s developing Branches.
Three major points were discussed during the same meeting: 1) The need for loyalty and cooperation from each movement-member; 2) The importance of stabilizing the financial support of PEF; 3) The preparation in view of the 2013 election of a new Presidium.

The Committee accepted the membership of the “Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith,” a Pentecostal federation grouping some 300.000 believers.
Also PEF Chairman invited all national leaders to engage in the “EMPOWERED 21 Europe” initiative, a Global forum encouraging dialogue and interaction between Pentecostals and Charismatics with the idea of upholding our common heritage of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The Conference was concluded with a joyful worship and Communion service and with a desire to go forward and influence Europe for Jesus.

The next PEF Committee Conference is planned on March 6-9, 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece, the Lord willing.
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Source: PEF Head Office

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