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2013 Impact Palermo, Sicily, Italy

IMPACT PALERMO 2013, an outreach / conference project – promoted and organized by the Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF) with its branches PEM & PEFY Teams, under the auspices of the Elim Churches in Italy, and in cooperation with the Palermo Pastors’ Fellowship – took place on March 28-31, 2013 during the Easter week.

The main plenary sessions took place at the Saracen Hotel in Isola delle Femmine and several outreaches were conducted in four districts of the city as well as on Piazza d’Unità d’Italia (in downtown Palermo).

The IP13 opening ceremony was attended by over 500 people, and featured a worship choir representing a number of local churches. Special words of welcome were shared by Arto Hämäläinen (new Chairman of PEF), Giuseppe Piccolo (President of the Elim Italy, host movement), Tommaso Di Lorenzo (Chairman of the Palermo Pastors’ Fellowship) and Richard Dunn (USA) was the speaker. Other evangelistic meetings took place in seven local churches, both on Friday night and Sunday morning, where IP13 teams ministered. On Saturday morning, Baudoin Galanty (Belgium) brought a message of encouragement to our teams while in the evening, Siegfried Tomazsewski (Germany) addressed an audience of over 600 people at the hotel venue. Many were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A special meal for pastors and their wives was arranged, allowing for a good time of fellowship between leaders of 7 Pentecostal denominations in Italy and PEF representatives. On Sunday night, IP13 program offered a Ladies’ Get-Together, with Hannelore Illgen and Ingeborg Barker (Germany) and a Leaders’ Meeting with Ingolf Ellssel (Germany).

IP13 was abundantly blessed by the exceptional participation and ministry of the JIPPI Choir, consisting of some 50 children from Finland and Lithuania, directed by Merja Hakala (Finland). Their songs and testimonies, both in the main sessions and in the open air activities, proved to be an anointed tool in God’s hands to touch many hearts.

Of course, IP13’s main focus was of open air evangelism, coordinated by Markku Ovaska and Veera Hug (Finland). A total of 45 registered team members (from 9 different countries), plus about 70 people in Jippii choir team (children + adults), and another 50 people from local churches served during the outreach. Some 15 decisions for Christ were registered and many contacts were made through the distribution of a tract entitled, « True Easter », both in Italian and English (See Outreach Report).

May the Lord receive all the praise for what He has done in Palermo as we look forward to Impact Bratislava 2014 !

Daniel Costanza,

IP13 Coordinator –


We had 45 registered team members + about 70 people in Jippii choir team (children + adults). In addition, there were at least about 50 people from local churches working with our teams on the streets. Teams came from 9 different countries.

1. On the first evening, we had a welcome meeting and a short info.

2. On Friday, we had 4 different locations for outreach. Jippii choir worked in one of them and other teams worked in 3 different locations. There were about 5 decisions for Jesus in the streets. In the evening there were meetings in 4 different churches.

3. On Saturday afternoo,, teams were in downtown, where 7 people gave their lives to Jesus. Jippii choir sang and shared testimonies. Teams did dramas and Siegfried Tomazsewski preached.

The evening meeting took place at the hotel, where young people from local churches did several dramas and Siegfried Tomazsewski preached.

4. On Sunday morning, teams were divided among 7 different churches, where they gave testimonies and preached. Jippii choir sang in one church and children gave their testimonies.

5. On Monday we divided people and sent them to the beach and to the streets nearby the Hotel. A part of Jippii choir sang in a café and team members spread flyers. There was one decision for Jesus on the beach. In the evening we closed with a long and good prayer session.

Throughout the outreach we distributed many Easter tracts and invitations, spoke with many people in the streets and had the the possibility to pray with several people for their needs. Some of them were deeply touched and also renewed in their faith.

Everybody did a great work in Palermo. Especially Jippii choir with children’s testimonies had a major impact on many hearts. They served as a key to our team work. Some were sowing and others were reaping. It is good to know that God´s work continues in the hearts of people even now that the teams have returned to their homes !

On behalf of IP13 Outreach Team, Markku Ovaska

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