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PEF Conference will be using the Arkadia Hotel.  

It is located 7 minutes walking distance from the Conference Venue:

Pentecostal Seminary
Wyzsza Szkola Teologiczno-Spoleczna
ul. Wyborna 20
03-681 Warsaw

The negotiated prices are valid until the 20th of January. 

PEF conference participants should book their rooms and make their own payment before the 20th of January. When booking they should use password: SEMINARIUM in order to claim discount price.

Please note that the ONLY way for conference participants to reserve rooms at the ARKADIA Hotel is by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

Please do not use

The hotel reception desk will then take care of your reservation and respond to your email.

The hotel will charge their guests in Polish Zlotys (PLZ) which means that the currency of the payment will be exchanged into Polish Zlotys according to the rate operative on the date of payment.

These are the prices:

  • single room (165,- PLZ, about 40 Euros per night with breakfast)
  • double rooms (212,- PLZ, 51 Euros per night with breakfast)
  • limited double rooms DBL (212,-PLZ, about 51 Euros per night with breakfast) – first come, first served basis
  • triple rooms (314,-PLZ, about 75 Euros per night with breakfast)
  • quadruple room (382,- PLZ, about 91 Euros per night with breakfast) – first come, first served basis

Attendees are also free to make their own accommodation arrangements with other hotels, however, there will be no transportation arrangements by PEF.

Conference Fees

Option 1 (85 Euros)


  • Participation in the conference
  • Meals: Wednesday dinner only, Thursday lunch and dinner, Friday lunch, coffee breaks during the conference (coffee, tea, biscuits),
  • Shuttles: every two hours to and from the airports (Chopin, Modlin) organized on Tuesday and Wednesday (arrivals) and on Friday and Saturday (departures); shuttles to and from the hotels twice a day (except Arkadia Hotel)

Option 2 (120 Euros)


  • everything that is in Option 1


  • accommodation in the college with breakfasts (two nights Wed/Thu & Thu/Fri in dormitory bedrooms, max. 4 beds per bedroom; 1 bathroom and 1 toilet for 2 bedrooms)

Option 3

3. Extra night accommodation at the Seminary with breakfast before or after conference (for example: Tu/Wed night or Fri/Sat night): 18 Euros per person



Wednesday 7/3

Registration 14.00

Welcome by Pelle Hornmark, PEF Chairman
“Win the World” – The Power of Evangelism (Marek Kaminski, Poland)

15.15 Coffee
15.45 Standing together  (Machiel Jonker, The Netherlands)
16.30 6 round tables, presentation 45-50 minutes followed by discussions
18.00 Supper
19.00 The vision of PEF (Pelle Hornmark, Sweden), followed by Communion

Thursday 8/3

09.00 Standing together (Johannes Justus, Germany)
10.00 Coffee
10.30 Next generation (René Delattre, France)
11.15 Short break
11.30 Equipping and mentoring (Ruth Hasselgren, Sweden)
12.15 Lunch
14.00 Roundtable/ Consultations
15.30 Coffee
16.00 Round table/consultations
17.30 PEF business meeting
18.30 Supper
19.30 The Power of the Holy Spirit (Rene Zanellato, France)

Friday 9/3
09.00 Standing together (Moise Ardelean, Romania)
10.00 Coffee
10.30 Next generation (Kjell Grönros and Johan Forsberg, Norway)
11.30 Sending session. “Win the world” (Nick Park, Ireland)
12.30 Lunch

2018 Conference Registration

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