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Judas or John?

A true disciple Jesus had a variety of disciples. The original twelve make me think of the old Benetton ads: each one entirely distinct from the others. Yet something in Jesus drew all of them to Him. Have you ever…

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Political miracles

From Bergen to Tallinn Reports of healings from incurable diseases, deliverance from addictions or resurrections of the dead are miracles which stimulate our faith. Testimonies of God operating in the political realm are, however, less frequently heard of. Nonetheless, they…

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Bypassing the blessing

Unit-y Psalm 133 reveals what God has reserved for His people when they “live together in unity”. Life. Goodness. Full blessing. Who in their right mind would not desire such a life? This is naturally what we long for the…

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Back to the future

Fears and certainties I remember an American TV series from the 90s, called Quantum Leap. It was very unique, as in each episode, the hero Sam Beckett was transported into the past by a miraculous device. Arriving into the story…

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