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On March 4-6, 2015, the i15 Leadership Summit, organized by the PEF, took place at the LEG church in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As Dr. Arto Hämäläinen, Chairman of PEF, noted in his welcome address, this was “a first-time-ever event, held in this format, for European Pentecostalism.” Indeed, the summit gathered over 285 Pentecostal leaders from 36 countries for a three-fold purpose as indicated by the three “i”s: 1) Ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts; 2) Impart our spiritual heritage to the new generation; 3) Impact Europe and the world together.

In an atmosphere of joyful and dynamic worship led by various teams, the participants were blessed by the anointed ministry of a variety of plenary speakers from across Europe and other continents. A host of presenters (in full cooperation with our PEF branches, resource and supportive ministries) who conducted 19 workshops on a large number of relevant topics were an added blessing.

Plenary speakers from Europe included Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski (Germany), Pastor Mika Yrjola (Finland), Pastor Samuel Peterschmitt (France), Pastor Peter Wenz (Germany), and Pastor Juan Carlos Escobar (Spain). Speakers from other continents were Dr. Billy Wilson (President of ORU, Tulsa, OK, USA and Global Co-Chair of Empowered 21), Dr. Prince Guneratnam (Chairman of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, Malaysia), and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda (President of Christ for All Nations, USA).

The i15 LS also featured speeches by Mrs. Katherina Von Schnurbein (Advisor to the Vice-president of the EU Commission for religious affairs), reflecting the connection of PEF with EU institutions, and by Mr. Tomas Sandell (Director of the European Coalition for Israel) as a tangible expression of PEF’s stance against anti-Semitism.

In his remarks, the PEF Chairman added: “This summit is a demonstration of the fact that we are a family… Why? Because we have the same Father. We have the same Savior, Jesus Christ. We have the same Spirit.” He also made reference to our Pentecostal distinctive, which is needed today like never before, and to the importance of passing such spiritual legacy on to the next generation; older leaders to be models for the younger ones.

Many participants said they were touched by the Holy Spirit in every session marked by times of prayer. Others enjoyed good times of mutual fellowship, made new kingdom connections, and were able to visit the ministry exhibits.
The Communion Service highlighted the sense of spiritual unity within the PEF which, as stated by Dr. Hämäläinen, exists to help the Pentecostal churches in Europe to be at their very best. PEF is coordinating, facilitating and uniting.”
The next General Assembly of PEF will take place on March 2-4, 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia.
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Source: PEF Head Office

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