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In keeping with its evangelistic vision for today’s spiritual need of Europe, the Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF) is organizing a city-wide outreach in the city of Palermo, capital of the Sicilian region in Italy.

With about 700.000 inhabitants, Palermo represents an important urban center where the message of the Gospel is needed.

At the invitation of the Elim Churches in Italy and in cooperation with the PEM and PEFY Teams as well as sister organizations in Italy, PEF is calling for born-again believers, youth teams from across Europe to join hands in this evangelistic effort that will take place on March 28-April 1, 2013.

Please help spread this invitation among your contacts, start praying for this project, and encourage your church, your youth group to come and share the Gospel in Palermo during the Easter season.


Organizing Team:

Daniel Costanza (PEF), Veera Tikkakoski (PEM), Markku Ovaska (PEFY Teams)

Beniamino Cascio & Giovanni Orlando (ELIM churches in Palermo), Giovanni Croce (Elim Youth Italy)


Thursday, March 28:
AM & PM – IP13 Registration & Welcome at Saracen Hotel.
Youth Worship & Intercession Night

Friday, March 29
AM: Worship, Prayer, Orientation at Saracen Hotel
PM: Outreach in different locations in Palermo.

Evening: Evangelistic nights in different local churches across Palermo

Saturday, March 30
AM: Worship, Prayer, Orientation at Saracen Hotel
PM: March for Jesus in downtown Palermo with other open-air activities in the evening (concerts, etc.)

Sunday, March 31:
AM: Youth teams visiting and serving in local churches across Palermo.
PM: Inter-churches gathering at Saracen Hotel

Monday, April 1:
Parallel activities
1) Leaders/Pastors’ Meeting (Saracen Hotel)

2) Get-Together for Ladies (Saracen Hotel)

3) Teams distributing tracts in the city.

The registration process will start soon through our team. Please visit us again soon as more details and forms will be available shortly.

Accommodation will be at the SARACEN HOTEL (
Special student prices: Around 30 euros/person/day, including breakfast and one full meal.
Around 5-7 euros for shuttles.

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