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On November 1-3, 2013, “EUROPA 13”, a youth missions conference took place in Sandness, Norway.

Hosted and organized by the Pentecostal church “Klippen” (Pastor Fred Håberg) and the PYM (Missions Department of the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement), this conference focused on the spiritual needs of Europe.

Some 200 young people from various churches attended and enjoyed the conference program featuring different speakers, including Paul Hockley (Jesus Revolution), Daniel Costanza (Executive Director of PEF), Bjørn Bjørnø (Secretary for PYM), and Kent Andersen (PYM member).

In an atmosphere of joyful celebration and intercession, these young people displayed deep interest in the teachings shared during the seminars and plenary sessions. Many of them were called by God to ministry and missions. 3 teams are getting ready for outreaches in 2014 in Belgium, Italy and Ukraine.

A new generation is on fire for missions in Europe!

–Head Office PEF, Belgium

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