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In the year 2010 I was in a couple of nations to facilitate parts of these goals.

1. The Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica Assemblee di Dio (AD) invited me to speak at their 4th National Convention over Easter in Pomezia close to Rome. I was one of the three speakers. This associate PEF-member wants to find its way as a national movement and include the ministry of women.

2. At the beginning of June I was invited to speak to the sisters of the 19th National Conference of the Italian Elim movement, La Chiese Elim in Italia. This event always takes place in the Hotel Saracen at Isola delle Femmine/Sicilia. The movement wants to develop a ministry for women in their association and within their structures.

3. The women’s ministry in Finland, who once a year is serving women in leadership and ministry in the Christian Education and Conference Centre in central Finland, Iso Kirja, invited me to hold a seminar end of June (Naisten Seminaari). I met women who are dedicated to serve the Lord, especially through reaching out to unbelievers in creative ways through their pentecostal churches.
The movement’s desire is to involve all their sisters in a functioning network. I was asked to advise some of their sisters in leadership concerning next steps.

Before the seminar I could be part of the 65th national Midsummernight-conference, the summer festival of the Finnish Pentecostal churches in Iso Kirja, which gathers 30.000 participants of all ages during four days.

4. Pastor’s wives need encouragement in their various areas of serving! A Serbian pastor’s wife asked me and one of the coordinators of the German network for pastor’s wives to serve during their 2nd national retreat in Subotica. It was a weekend with younger and older „jewels“, whom God has put into an area of Europe with many challenges.

Hannelore Illgen, Germany, Coordinator PEF-Women

In the Mission Statement of PEF-Women, established 2007 as a new branch of the European Pentecostal network, it says: PEF-Women want to
– build a platform for fellowship among women’s leaders in the PEF, sharing experiences and providing edification, inspiration and empowerment.
– encourage and support each other and reaching out to women in the different European nations by establishing Pentecostal women’s ministries/associations.

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