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Internship at the PEF office

As I have a long summer vacation from my job as a teacher in Finland, I contacted FIDA if they had any place where they would need help over the summer, and soon I got a request to work in the PEF office in Brussels, which I gladly accepted.

It was a good opportunity to get a bigger picture of the Pentecostal movement in Europe. In addition to various office work, I got to do some research on the history of Pentecostal churches in Europe. I would say, regardless of the relatively short time I spent here, that now I am much more aware of the needs in this continent – and there really is a need for the Good News. For me it was encouraging to see how different movements, even though they might do not all have the same customs, are willing to work together. I also got to meet many committed people who have been working for the sake of the Gospel in Europe for a long time.

Overall, I definitely think it was a valuable investment to spend a few weeks in the PEF office.

If you have an opportunity to take time and come help at the PEF office, I would warmly recommend you to do so! It’s also worth to consider an internship for your studies here – if you study eg. IT, marketing, languages – for sure you will be able to use your skills for God’s glory.

intern_profileRiikka Toivanen

If you decide to come and serve as a volunteer at the PEF office, please contact:

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