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As of this year, PEF has taken on the challenge to promote prayer in our continent. If going to church will help us to know things about God, prayer will help us to know God intimately.
The goal of the PEF prayer coordination is to promote a lifestyle of prayer, both at an individual and a collective level.
We know that throughout history, revivals took place through prayer – including the Moravian revival which came from a prayer meeting that continued for 100 years!  As a result, entire nations were transformed! Our desire today is to see similar movements of prayer in the European church, in particular within the Pentecostal denomination. In this secular age, we can still hope for dramatic change to happen. Through prayer we have the hope of healing for the nations.
·         How can we have a common vision without prayer?
·         What can unite us if not prayer?
·         What can bring us close to the heart of God – if not prayer?
As someone has said: “We need to be a church that is breathing in and breathing out. In practice the breathing in happens through prayer and the breathing out through reaching out to those around.”  The vision of the network is to unite the PEF movements around God – to receive His heart and vision.
Practically, our goal is for each country to have a national prayer coordinator. His/her role would be to motivate each congregation of his/her country to cultivate a prayer lifestyle by, for example, setting up a prayer room in their village, town or city.
Let us keep in mind that we cannot reach people if we ourselves are not connected to God.  Let us commit ourselves to prayer!
Feel free to connect with Cédric and Elina Placentino, Coordinators for PEF’s newly established Prayer Network at:

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