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Press Release – IMPACT BRATISLAVA 2014


Impact Bratislava, a city-wide outreach, took place June 19-22, 2014 under the auspices of the PEF and the Apostolic Church in Slovakia, along with the cooperation of various other denominations.

The local committee of pastors and leaders did an outstanding job in planning and coordinating this project which resulted in some 600 volunteers serving in 9 different districts of the city. A great variety of activities were provided such as social help, sports, music, distribution of tracts, personal conversations and prayer. All of these Christians wore a blue T-shirt with the outreach slogan “I love my city”. In the words of Marek Krajci, chairman of “Christians in the City”, “Impact Bratislava was a historical time for Bratislava and the churches in the city.”

Some 40 young people came from different countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Norway and even the USA. These teams came with a spirit to serve and bless the outreach.
Before the actual outreach, special sessions of prayer and training were held which featured the ministry of Jesus Revolution from Norway.

Impact Bratislava was blessed with very good weather, favor from the local authorities, a prayer team and also by a specialized ministry team (Breaking Chains Network) to girls in prostitution. In addition to that, a special women’s get-together was offered.

On the last day, there was a large festival in a city park which proved to be a blessing to hundreds of people who heard the gospel. Encouraging reports are still coming in. Teams returned to their homes with a renewed passion to share the gospel and are looking forward to next year’s Impact Lugano 2015 (June 25-27).

Jan Lacho, Bishop of the Apostolic church, a member movement of PEF, made the following closing comments: “Thank you so much for your cooperation in IMPACT BRATISLAVA 2014. It was a great effort, with an impact on our city. We were blessed by all yours prayers and support. May the Lord bless the passion and time you invested for the lost people in our nation!  We have many testimonies of transformations as people gave their lives to Jesus, of healings and of people touched by the message of the Gospel”.


“This campaign really had an impact on Bratislava. Today I prayed with three people, and several people got saved. This outreach has had a huge impact on the neighborhood around us as they always ask the question ‘What is church about? Why is the church here? We don’t need church anymore…’ Now we can show them that the church is about God’s love and mercy as we have shared God’s love here.“ Gabriella Kopas, a Methodist Pastor in Bratislava

Comments from various participants:

“I realized how God has a special place for each and everyone.”

“We’re all different… and from different nations. But we are all here for the same goal: to see the glory of God. And what I saw in Bratislava really lifts up my spirit, because I saw unity, and souls who were touched and saved. “

“As a newborn Christian for two years, I was really surprised, in a positive way, to see how committed the Christians were in serving the Lord. It really gave me an example to follow. I came to see and I go back with a pattern to apply. I received even more than I gave. “

Special thanks go to the following teams which served during IB14:
Apostolic Church in Slovakia: Jan Lacho, Pavol Zsolnai, Richard Kravolic
PEF and its branches/ministries: Daniel Costanza, Markku Ovaska, Veera Hug, Cédric Placentino, Hannelore Illgen, Salvatore Loria.

Source: PEF Head Office, Brussels, Belgium

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