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On June 23-27, 2015, PEF conducted its annual city-wide outreach, this time in Lugano, Switzerland, in cooperation with its branches (PEM and PEFY) and with 7 local churches.
It was truly a dynamic week as 60 young people from Europe, including Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Norway and Spain spread the message of the Gospel in the streets, parks, and squares of Lugano. Some joined in this outreach as individuals while others came in
teams, sharing the Good News in various ways and methods.

Most of the participants were able to benefit from the two-day training program before the actual outreach. These training sessions featured various topics related to evangelism presented by a variety of instructors, and provided extended times of worship and prayer. Also, the IL15 teams and the local churches had a special evening gathering focusing on Pentecostal power. A good number of Christians were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

The teams spread throughout the various areas of the beautiful Italian-speaking city of Lugano,
sharing the Gospel with the local residents as well as with many international tourists. Thousands of tracts in Italian and English, plus a 4-page magazine, were distributed throughout the week, all with the chosen theme, “God Loves Lugano.”

It was a blessing to see local authorities cooperate with this evangelistic initiative by granting permission to use the Dante Square where thousands of people had a chance to hear the Good News, Gospel music, testimonies and brief messages. The city even granted free access and usage of a big hall for the evening meetings during which Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski preached, and then prayed with those accepting Jesus and for those in need of healing and deliverance.

Reports indicate that people were saved, not only in these evening meetings but also on the squares, in the parks and in the streets of Lugano. Many others received prayer for personal needs, often after intense conversations.

The Holy Spirit was at work and brought the joy of salvation to the city of Lugano. One of the local pastors summarized the sentiment of appreciation felt by many of the local believers: “… Impact Lugano 2015 was a formidable experience. To see seven churches cooperate with so much
enthusiasm and unity was the result of much prayer. This experience will have a long time impact.

We have learned a lot and we will treasure these days.”

The Macedonian delegation encouraged all the participants to get ready for Impact Skopje 2016.
More details will be available on
Source: PEF Head Office,
Brussels, Belgium

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