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On the occasion of the UN’s 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family,

the Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF) held for the very first time a Symposium on the Family and Marriage in Hannover (Germany) on March 7, 2014.

This historical event took place in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the PEF Committee, which gathered over 80 Pentecostal leaders from over 25 countries of Europe.

Participants expressed appreciation for the quality presentations made by the following guest speakers:

Mrs. Tove Videbaek, a Christian political activist from Denmark. She spoke on the family from an EU’s perspective;
Dr. Joseph Dimitrov, President of Continental Theological Seminary (Belgium), who made a presentation on the same topic from
a theological viewpoint;

Mr. Jeff Fountain, Chairman of the Hope for Europe Roundtable, who dealt with the role of the Christian family in Europe and
Pastor Thierry LeGall, Communications Director for the National Council of Evangelicals in France, who illustrated the topic with recent
testimonies about the debat on morality in his country.

The Symposium also featured a special video presentation with Mr Tapani and Mrs Marja-Liisa Sopanen, who lead a family ministry in Finland.

A time for questions and answers, comments followed as well as special prayer for the presenters was offered.

Source: PEF Head Office, Brussels, Belgium

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