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PRESS RELEASE for immediate circulation
From August 31st to September 2nd, 2022, the WAKE UP EUROPE Conference was hosted by the Filadelfia Church in Stockholm (Sweden), with over 200 delegates from 32 countries in Europe.
This Conference, organized under the auspices of the Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF), in cooperation with its networks, namely the Pentecostal European Mission (PEM), the Pentecostal Youth of Europe (PYE), the European Pentecostal Theological Association (EPTA) as well as with the Pentecostal Movement in Sweden, was the first in presence conference after the Covid19 pandemic.
In an atmosphere of renewed fellowship and joyful worship, plenary sessions featured the ministry of Daniel Alm (Sweden), Leonid Biruk (Belarus), Mykhailo Panochko (Ukraine), Stephan Christiansen (Norway), Simo Frestadius (England), Daniel Costanza (Belgium) and Max Chismon (New Zealand), covering different areas such as godly leadership, empowering the new generation, theological contemporary issues, reaching the unreached and a special time of prayer for peace in the current context of war. 
The conference guest speaker, Dr. Billy Wilson, Chair of the Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF), spoke on the importance of God’s anointing as we minister to a broken world in such a need of healing. The altars were filled as he encouraged all the participants to seek a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit!
All the daytime tracks conducted by PEF, PEM, PYE and EPTA, were very well attended and of great inspiration as reported by many participants.
On Thursday morning, the PEF held its Annual General Assembly, with the presentation of annual reports and the election of the PEF Officers and Regional Representatives forming the new PEF Presidium to serve until 2025.*
Special recognition and appreciation was expressed, through an honorary plaque, to Rev. Pelle Hörnmark, who served as Chairman of PEF for the last six years, and special thanks to the Swedish Pentecostal movement for the financial support they have provided during these years. 
Dr. Marek Kaminski, Bishop of the national Pentecostal movement in Poland, was elected as the new Chairman of PEF, the first ever to be elected from Eastern Europe. All the conference delegates were invited to join a prayer of dedication offered for the new Presidium during the evening plenary session, led by Pastor Niklas Piensoho (Filadelfia Church) and Dr. Billy Wilson.
The closing plenary session was marked by a challenging message delivered by the newly elected Chairman, Marek Kaminski, on our responsibility to rise up as faithful servants in the mission field the Master has entrusted to us: EUROPE!
The final moment featured Communion, reflecting our spiritual unity in Christ and our resolve to work together as we WAKE UP EUROPE through the power of the Holy Spirit.
With gratitude to the Lord for His manifold blessing during the entire conference and to the host Church for their warm hospitality and generosity, all delegates look forward to next year’s Conference to be held in Warsaw (Poland) on March 8-10, 2023.
The conference audio resources will soon be available on the conference website:
— PEF Office
* The new PEF Presidium (2022-2025) is composed as follows:


Chairman: Marek Kaminski (Poland).
Vice-chairman: Friedhelm Holthuis (Germany).
Secretary: Victor Pavlovski (Moldova).
Treasurer: Dirk Glaser (Germany).

Regional representatives:

Northern Europe: Øystein Gjerme (Norway), Nikolai Grib (Latvia)
Western Europe: Nick Park (Ireland), Machiel Jonker (The Netherlands)
Central Europe: Marco Hofmann (Switzerland), Radek Smetana (Czec Republic)
Southern Europe: Gaetano Montante (Italy), Robert Despré (France)
Eastern Europe: Leonid Biruk (Belarus), Anatoliy Kozachoc (Ukraine)
The Balkans: Daniel Grabar (Slovenia), Moise Ardelean (Romania)


This year’s PEF annual conference took place in Chisinau, Moldova, on March 3-4 at the Leo Grand Hotel, right in the heart of the city.

Some 130 leaders, representing Pentecostals movements from 28 European countries, gathered for a time of fellowship, inspiration and reflection on a most timely theme: “PEF’S COVENANT FOR EVANGELISM – Which are the most fruitful forms of evangelism today?”

PEF Chairman Ingolf Ellssel opened and led the conference, expressing special thanks to Victor Pavlovski, conference host and leader of the growing national Pentecostal movement in Moldova. In the opening session, warm words of welcome and greetings were shared by the current Minister of Justice in Moldova, by Mr. Valeriu Ghiletchia, a Christian member of the Parliament, also representing the European Baptist Federation, and also by a representative of the Mayor of Chisinau. The choir of the local Filadelfia Church and a men’s quintet blessed the participants with joyful worship songs.

Many participants said they felt God’s anointing upon the entire conference program and the guest speakers, including Urs Schmid (Switzerland), Daniel Kolenda (USA), Outi Rossi (Finland), Mercea Demean (Romania), Siegfried Tomazsewski (USA), Jacob Bock (Spain), Victor Pavlovski (Moldova), who brought Biblical insights and real-life testimonies on the subject of evangelism in a variety of contemporary contexts.

The Annual Business Meeting of the PEF Committee allowed the Committee delegates to hear various reports, indicating the ongoing development of the PEF structure and its evangelistic vision. A special session, attended by over 20 leaders, was held for the newly formed branch “Social Ministries”. Two national Pentecostal movements from the Ukraine, representing thousands of churches, were officially accepted and welcomed as new members of PEF and the Fellowship of European International Churches (FEIC) is now part of the PEF network. It was also confirmed that the P.E.F. is an official member of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, our global Pentecostal family.

Special emphasis was placed on “Europe Sunday” (May 15, 2011) and “Impact Now”, a Missions Conference to be held in Budapest, Hungary (July 27-30, 2011) with outreaches in the Hungarian capital and beyond. Plans for further outreaches in other European capitals in 2012, 2013 and 2014 are underway.

Evidently, all these efforts are in keeping with the conference motto and PEF’s vision: “EUROPE NEEDS THE POWER OF THE GOSPEL!”

Daniel Costanza,
PEF Coordinator

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