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Highlights of recent ministry trips made by the PEF Chairman across Europe & beyond…

In the last few months, Pelle Hörnmark was able to minister in the following countries, representing PEF and encouraging the vision of expanding God’s kingdom in each one of them:

• Bulgaria: A pastors’ meeting in Sofia, convened by the  National Alliance United Churches of God, in cooperation with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria (both PEF members).
• Macedonia: Meeting with leaders who are very much involved in planting churches.
• Africa: 2 weeks ministering in Ethiopia with seminars for leaders.
• United Kingdom on the occasion of the Europe Prayer Sunday and the Presidium Meeting in London.
• Georgia: Meeting with local Pastors. An historical moment: their movement has decided to join PEF.
• Armenia and Azerbaijan: Good meetings with the brethren, in spite of challenges.
• Sweden: A conference about Roma peoples.
• Belgium: European Prayer Breakfast and brief visit at our PEF office in South Brussels.
• Slovenia: Meeting with new leadership of our PEF member there.


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