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PEF Newsletter

PEF Newsletter

Proud Pentecostal Roma Revival and Bulgaria

A report from PEF Chairman, Rev. Pelle Hornmark

After traveling among our members over the last month, there are three major things that occupy my mind. The first one, that actually makes me a bit proud, is the unselfish involvement and hard work for the refugees in Europe. No matter how the rest of the society is acting, our churches are not turning their backs to needy people. In Greece as an example, we know that the economy in the country is problematic and that the private incomes, as well as the church offerings, have dropped dramatically. But when I visited Pentecostal churches in Athens, Thessaloniki and Katrini they were all heavily involved in doing good for refugees. Emergency help, education, clothing, feeding and welcoming atmosphere in the Church is helping thousands of displaced people.

Three weeks ago I was in Slovakia and met the churches. It’s amazing to see what God is doing, especially among the Roma people. It was very encouraging to meet the Roma churches and leaders and see how God is raising a people up in Europe. Last week, we as the PEF Presidium, had a chance to have a consultation with 10 Roma pastors and leaders in Europe. They were all confirming the feeling that God is really moving in the Roma communities in Europe. So let’s be open, support and welcome God’s move on our continent.


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