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March 5-7 in Chisinau (Moldova)

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Sunday, November 10, 2024
@ 6.00 PM

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Press Release


On March 6-8, some 180 delegates from 35 countries, including Israel and the USA, came together in Paestum, an ancient Greek town in the province of Salerno, Italy on the occasion of the annual Conference and General Assembly of the Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF).
PEF Chairman, Marek Kaminski (Poland), gave the keynote message introducing the theme of this year's gathering,
Speakers of the plenary sessions were Gaetano Montante (President of AG Italy), Friedhelm Holthuis (President of BFP, Germany), Samuel Tricoire (Co-director Youth AG France), and Ishan Ozbek (Turkey).
Special emphasis was given to the young leaders representing national movements through interactive sessions allowing an open dialogue between the generations, and resulting in mutual blessing and encouragement.
Different tracks were offered in the area of missions (PEM), theology (EPTA) and youth (PYE) with the appointment of a new coordinating team.
Prayers were offered in favor of Ukraine and Israel as the representatives of both countries shared fresh news.
The closing session featured a Communion service, a powerful reminder of the price Jesus Christ paid for our eternal salvation and our spiritual unity as a PEF family.
Beside the very encouraging reports, the General Assembly was marked by the official induction of four new members of PEF from Montenegro, Belgium, Switzerland and Bulgaria.
Special thanks go to the leadership of AG Italy, the Italian AG worship team and Hosanna Choir, the Italian organizing team for their warm hospitality and excellent coordination with the logistics, and above all, to our heavenly Father for blessing the entire gathering with the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit.

In a joyful atmosphere, all the participants returned to their respective countries, looking forward to the 2025 Conference and General Assembly to be held in Chișinău, Moldova, on March 5-7, Lord willing.

— PEF Office, Brussels, Belgium

PEF Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

As the Pentecostal European Fellowship, we are deeply grieved at the loss of so many lives, the displacement of so many people, and the tragic suffering caused to the most vulnerable as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine.

We are all saddened by all the ramifications of this horrible war, including the destruction of Ukrainian church buildings, stopping the operation of ministries that have been working so hard for years for the betterment of their society.

As we firmly deplore this unwarranted and unjustified war of aggression against the nation of Ukraine, we are calling our churches to pray and work for a just and lasting peace.

— Approved by PEF General Assembly on March 10, 2023

Update on PEF’s Evangelistic Activities

In its recent meeting, PEF Presidium has restructured its organization in regard to missions and evangelism. From now on, all such initiatives will be organized by the Pentecostal European Missions (PEM), a branch of PEF. Thus, Impact 2024 will be led by PEM, in cooperation with all duly recognized evangelistic ministries in Europe.


  • Albania
      The Assemblies of God of Albania
      The Evangelical Pentecostal Movement in Albania
  • Estonia
      Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church
  • Finland
      Pentecostal Church in Finland
      Swedish-speaking Pentecostal Churches of Finland (FSPM)
  • Iceland
      Pentecostal Church of Iceland
  • Ireland
      Church of God
  • Latvia
      International Church of God Latvian Pentecostal Union
      Latvian Pentecostal Union of Churches
  • Lithuania
      Union of Pentecostal Churches of Lithuania
  • Norway
      The Pentecostal Movement in Norway
  • Sweden
      The Pentecostal Movement of Sweden
  • Belgium
      Union of Flemish Pentecostal Churches (VVP)
      French-speaking Assemblies of God (ADFB)
  • The Netherlands
      Assemblies of God in the Netherlands (VPE)
  • Austria
      Free Christian Pentecostal Churches
  • Czech Republic
      Apostolic Church
  • Germany
      Association of Pentecostal Churches in Germany (BFP)
      Volksmission- The People’s Mission of Decided Christians
      Gemeinde Gottes
      Church of God
  • Hungary
      Hungarian Pentecostal Church
  • Poland
      Pentecostal Church of Poland
  • Slovakia
      Apostolic Church in Slovakia
  • Switzerland
      Swiss Pentecostal Mission (SPM)
      Union of Evangelical Revival Churches (UEER)
  • France
      Assemblies of God of France
      Union of Evangelical Churches of Revival (UEER)
      Gypsies & Travelers International Evangelical Fellowship
      Life & Light(G.A.T.I.E.F.)
  • Greece
      Synod of Greek Pentecostal Churches
      Evangelical Charismatic Fellowship of Greece
  • Georgia
      The Evangelical Faith Church in Georgia
  • Italy
      Assemblee di Dio in Italia (ADI)
      Federazione Chiese Pentecostali (FCP)
      Chiese ELIM in Italia
      The Church of Pentecost (Ghana)
  • Israel
      Union of Independent Israeli Churches
  • Portugal
      Convention of the Assemblies of God
      Communion of Pentecostal Churches and Organizations
  • Spain
      Assemblies of God of Spain & Canary Islands (FADE)
      Church of God
  • Armenia
      Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Yerevan
      Union of the Evangelical Faith Churches
  • Belarus
      United Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in the Republic of Belarus
  • Moldova
      Pentecostal Union of Moldova
      Union of Christians of the Full Gospel
  • Russia
      Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Union)
  • Ukraine
      Ukrainian Pentecostal Church
      Ukrainian Free Churches
      Union of the Evangelical Christians
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Evangelical Church Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
      Pentecostal Assemblies of Bulgaria
      National Alliance United Churches of God
      The Church of God in Bulgaria
      Free Evangelical Pentecostal Churches
  • Croatia
      Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Croatia
  • Kosovo
      Pentecostal Church of Jesus-Fellowship of the Lord’s People
  • Macedonia
      Evangelical Pentecostal Church
  • Romania
      Pentecostal Union of Romania
      Assemblies of God Romania
  • Serbia
      Evangelical Pentecostal Church
      Christ Evangelical Church
  • Slovenia
      Evangelical Pentecostal Church
  • Turkey
      Association of Kurtulus Churches
  • Montenegro
      Lighthouse Christian Center


  • Belgium
      Antioch Network (Anet)


  • Denmark
      Danish Pentecostal Movement
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
      Assemblées de Dieu